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Tiger Street River Action Group

Tiger St River Action Group has been rehilibitating a reach of the Bremer River at West Ipswich/Sadliers Crossing in Ipswich.  The group of local residents has been replacing the prolific and invasive Chinese Elm (Celtis sinensis) with carefully selected species native to this area.  This group is a model for ongoing care of rehabilitated area.  Bremer Catchment Association provided the group with seed funding with the assistance of Envirocare.  Ipswich City Council Parks and Conservation has been a patron of this project, providing plants and materials.  

After initial successful restoration works the project wound up around 2010 and inevitably the weeds are again encroaching and threatening to overwhelm the native species. The group is currently negotiating with state and local government about restarting the project and restoring this valuable asset.

Tiger Street Billabong
Resurgence of the Tiger Street RAG

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Preliminary Site Report

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