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Gladstone Road Reserve

The proposed new bushcare group will focus on assisted natural regeneration and use a minimal disturbance approach. General weed maintenance is required for newly planted sections and the riverbank itself requires a planned approach to restore the native vegetation.

This section of riparian land runs down stream from the Sadliers Crossing Railway Bridge and has listed environmental values including good regrowth evidence of riparian native vegetation, water filtration properties, wildlife refuge, significant landscape and community benefit and existing and recent plantings.

The area has recognised matters of state environmental significance including koala and native habitat corridor and regrowth of endangered flora. Sensitive and structured regeneration is required to restore the area.

The Tiger Street River Action Group are supporting the creation of a new bushcare group, to concentrate on the specific needs of the Gladstone Road Reserve. The Gladstone Road Reserve River Action Group, or GLAD RAG as it may become known, will create a regeneration plan and work closely with local government to restore and protect this natural area.