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Erosion Control Field Day

Healthy Land & Water, Erosion Control & Pasture Management – Field Day

In late March 2022, members of the Bremer Catchment Association attended an erosion control and pasture management field day to learn about cost-effective measures to control erosion and improve pasture conditions on their properties.

Healthy Land & Water, in partnership with Resilient Rivers, Franklin Vale Creek Catchment Initiative and Little Liverpool Range Initiative hosted a field day in the Bremer Catchment where attendees had the chance to inspect local properties in the Grandchester area where we discussed options and practical management solutions to reduce erosion and maintain good pasture and land condition as well as options to enhance riparian health.

Following the site visits, we headed back to Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre for presentations for further opportunities to meet the teams and other local landholders over lunch.

Topics included:

• Managing and maintaining healthy pasture in grazing landscapes.

• Erosion control principles and small-scale, cost-effective gully erosion control options.

• Managing groundcover and vegetation to assist in erosion control.

We would like to thank the organisers for putting on a great day and sharing their knowledge and advice. We hope to incorporate this information in our own resources to further aid our catchment association members.

[Go to the Google Earth Presentation]

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