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New Website

bremer CAtchment Association inc

Announcing our new Website

BCA Home page.

BCA is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. After much anticipation, we have finally updated the old static webpage with a dynamic and interactive website that we hope allows us to more effectively pursue the objects of the association.

We’ll be building on the site and modifying it over the next few weeks as we work with local government, NGOs, NRMs, MUMs, DADs, and everyone else.

A site launch and demonstration will be incorporated into the November general meeting to be held at 6 pm on the 18th at Queenspark (details here).

This website is intended to increase communication and cooperation within the community and share and promote ecologically sustainable development throughout the catchment. Events and posts both have comment sections and we’re looking at the possibility of running an open forum too.

There are so many possibilities and so much work to be done we’re excited about our catchment’s future and the challenges we have to overcome to protect the environmental health of the area.

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