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Our Mission

To create a healthy, enjoyable, productive catchment.

Our Vision

To foster and promote a partnership of coordinated action on identified natural resource management issues within the Bremer River Catchment.


An initiative of the Ipswich City Council’s Bremer River Improvement Project, the initial project was funded by federal, state, and local council for 3 years under National Landcare Program arrangements and led to the formation of the council’s Conservation and Catchment Branch.

Ipswich City Council was to align with the then State’s Catchment Management Programme and form a Catchment Coordinating Committee to provide community involvement and a mechanism to gain additional funding from the state government to do works consistent with an approved catchment management plan.

A public meeting was held in the Harrisville Hall in June 1995 to outline the council’s project and seek support for a catchment coordinating committee.  This committee was formed in September 1995 and the BCA became an incorporated association on 19th September 1996.

Council’s Bremer River Improvement project funded the development of logos, stationery, and display materials.  Later, an office was opened at Kalbar with the support of the Boonah Shire Council. Council further funded the development of the Bremer Catchment Strategy and the initial water quality monitoring project with support from Healthy Waterways.

For 25 years the Bremer Catchment Association has worked with landowners, government and industry to achieve sustainable practices in agriculture and industry, regeneration and native protection projects throughout the catchment and educational and training workshops and events.

We’re now looking forward to working even more closely with the community in pursuing the objects of the association. Through meaningful and open communication, working together, and following the best industry and environmental science practices we can achieve those ideals.


The Objects of the Association

  1. Promote the value of a coordinated, catchment-wide approach for managing the land, water, and related biological resources of the Bremer River catchment.
  2. Promote community, industry, and government research and understanding of the interactions between these resources.
  3. Foster coordination between landholders, community action groups, local governments, and government agencies in their land, water, and vegetation management activities.
  4. Promote the management of the Bremer River catchment based on the principles of ecologically and economically sustainable development.
  5. Identify interrelated natural resource issues in the catchment, identify solutions and facilitate agreement on actions through public, industry, and government participation.
  6. Develop and facilitate the implementation of catchment management strategies that address priority catchment issues.
  7. Provide a forum for community, industry, and government discussions on catchment management issues.

Catchment view

The Bremer Catchment Association is committed to developing and maintaining:

  1. An effective, skilled, and informed community
  2. Strong partnership links at local, state, and national levels
  3. Adequate resources to implement projects and programs

Regional view

The Bremer Catchment Association endorses the regional approach to managing and improving the regions 7 key natural resource assets:

  1. Surface Water
  2. Ground Water
  3. Land Resources
  4. Aquatic Ecosystems
  5. Terrestrial Biodiversity
  6. Landscape Amenity
  7. Atmosphere

BCA Governing Document